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Top Cat Boarding and Cattery Facilities


We love having our feline friends come and holiday with us.  With our dedicated cat boarding facilities, our cat guests are treated to their own large cat home with multiple carpeted floors, 24/7 climate control, with their regular diet catered for from fussy premium foods to yummy cat treats.  With carpeted homes, strings and toys to play with and their own cat hutch, cats love boarding with us.​  Just like we humans, our cat boarding clients have come to expect only the best from us and we love providing them with the care and standard they deserve.  Cat lovers choose our cattery.

​Cat Boarding Features

  • Indoor Carpeted Cat Suites

  • Multiple Floors for Cat Comfort, Play & Exercise

  • 24/7 Cattery Climate Control

    • Air Conditioning

    • Heating

  • Quality Cat Food and Cat Treats

  • Individual Diets Catered For

  • Dedicated Cattery Kitchen

  • Love and Attention

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Over 20 Years in Cat Boarding Experience


As the adage goes, time flies when you are having fun. We have had tremendous fun over the last 20 years with all the cool, quiet and quirky felines that have boarded in our cattery. In that time, our cattery facilities have transformed and grown to the great cattery we now have.  With our affordable cat boarding prices, our cattery is well known and loved by our customers.  Thank you to all of our valued customers for allowing us to take care of your precious four-legged family members.

We are not stopping here however, we are now planning to expand our cattery to include individual outdoor areas for each cat.  The cattery changes will provide each cat with a dedicated safe enclosed outdoor space where they can go out during the day and enjoy the fresh air and mother nature.

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