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Pet Transport Victoria

  • Fully Trained Staff

  • Melbourne & Regional Pet Transport

  • Melbourne Pet Quartine & Flights

  • Collection & Drop Off

  • Dog Transport

  • Cat Transport

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What Makes Our Pet Transport Better?

To start with, we love pets and animals of all shapes and sizes. When we provide pet transport services we care about the safety and welfare of all pets and animals as if they were our own.


Melbourne's Best Pet Transportation Vehicles and Staff

We believe we are Melbourne's best pet transport service because we have the best vehicles, staff and we love our job.  We designed our per transport vehicles to provide a relaxing, comfortable, low noise environment for our guests where our travel attendants can always see your pet. 

We like to think of our pens as a first-class seat, but we provide affordable transport to Melbourne and Victoria, including flights or overnight boarding.

We Always Know What's Going On with Your Pet

Our vehicles are designed so our guests are within the direct viewing and hearing of staff, so we always know how your pet is travelling.  Your pet will be reassured that a friendly human is within their sight as well.

We have specifically designed pens of various sizes to ensure your dog or cat or pet has plenty of space to stretch out, roll around and relax on its journey. Each pen comes with a super comfortable vet-approved bed, lots of food and a quiet cabin with temperature control.

What About Air Transport?

Yes, we provide all pet air transport services.  We can collect or drop your pet off at Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine), Romsey Airport or Avalon Airport and other airports by appointment. 

We can book and arrange flights, complete quartine transfers, pick up and drop off, and if our guests need to stay overnight, they can have a holiday at our top-rated boarding kennel and cattery facilities near Melbourne.

What About the In-Flight Pet Travel Service?

Just like when you and I go on a plane, and we feel better when we have a nice meal, some entertainment and a treat, our guests get treated the same.  We have comfy beds, and we encourage you to provide a toy or we will give them a new one. We provide delicious meals, treats and beverages.

If your pet has specific dietary needs, we cater for your pet's diet at no extra cost, just provide your pet's preferred food, and we'll make sure they have the same food they have at home. We understand how important it is for your pet travel in comfort.

What Locations do we Transport to in Vic?

Well, almost anywhere! We are Melbourne based, so we provide transport services all over, including to regional Victoria. 


Melbourne Transport and Regional Pet Transport

We have the following regular transport services for your pets:

  • Pet transport all across Melbourne

  • Melbourne to Bendigo and return

  • Melbourne and Ballarat and return

  • Melbourne and Gippsland and return

  • Melbourne and Mildura and return

  • Melbourne and Geelong and return

  • Melbourne and Horsham and return

  • Melbourne and Shepparton and return

  • Custom routes are available

Interstate Pet Transport

Remember, we also have regular Interstate trips through Victoria and provide travel along many highways and freeways in Victoria.

We travel between Melbourne, Sydney, New Castle, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide and arrange connecting flights between Perth, Hobart, Darwin and all over Australia.

International Pet Transportation

Yes, we can arrange pet quarantine services and travel from and to international destinations. We collect your pet and drop them off in Vic or around Australia either directly or through our carefully chosen and trusted pet transport network.

If you would like to know more, please call us today.

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