Pet Road Transport & Pet Air Transport Melbourne and Interstate

We provide top pet transport services by road.  With the best pet transport vehicles and equipment and top pet care, no one compares to our road pet transport service.

Melbourne Pet Transport and Regional Victoria Pet Transport

We provide road pet transport services to Melbourne and Regional Victoria, with regular pet transport services departing each week.  Call our pet transport hotline at 0458 289 191, to find out about our next Melbourne or Regional Victoria trip.

Interstate Transport

  1. Melbourne Dog and Cat Boarding Available for layovers prior to Interstate pet transport to the following locations:

    1. South Australia

    2. New South Wales

    3. Queensland

Pet transport collection and drop-off available along all routes, including Melbourne to Mildura each fortnight and regular Melbourne to Albury trips.​

Melbourne Pet Quarantine​ Transport

  1. Clearance and pick up from Melbourne quarantine and then road transport to home or to the airport for arranged flights.​​

Best Dog & Cat Transporters

For over 20 years we have cared for dogs and cats at our boarding kennel.  Now, from the people who have an exemplary standard of care for your pets, bring you the standard of animal transport your pet deserves.

What Makes Us the Best Pet Transporter?

  1. Our pet transporter is lined & insulated. 

  2. No partition between driver and guests, so your pet is always in view and hearing. 

  3. Full stretch rear air conditioning.

  4. Large built-in pens made of mesh to ensure correct ventilation to all guests.

  5. Only 8 individual pens, ensuring all our guests receive room and comfort.

  6. For long trips, we have 2 attendants.

  7. Overnight stops ensure guests eat, rest properly and enjoy their journey.

  8. Stops every 4 hours for walks and feeding of puppies.

  9. Comfort mats & vet bed provided.

Dog Transport Van

Why Transport Your Pet with Us?

We are a Victorian based family owned and run pet transport business.  We have owned and run Gisborne Boarding Kennels and Cattery for over 20 years.  We have a HUGE amount of experience with about every breed of dog or cat that you can think of.

We understand the importance of the needs of pets including travelling in a well-ventilated vehicle, access to water and a calm happy environment.  Having proper pet transport vehicle temperature control is paramount for many breeds especially in the summer months.  We are experienced in the safe handling and care of your pets with over 20 years of experience.

Our pet transport service to us is like a Boarding Kennel on wheels.  We provide the same quality of care to all our clients.  Our staff could not be more experienced which is why so many people trust us to transport their pet.


Communication is a must to us and that is why we send regular messages throughout the day to let you know how we are all travelling.

Pet Transport Vehicles

Our pet transport vehicle is fully insulated and lined with no partition between your pet and our driver attendant.  That means our driver attendant can always see your pet and hear your pet and knows exactly how your pet is going.  Our vehicles have temperature control including full stretch rear air conditioning.


With our large custom built-in pet transport pens, your pets are always safe in a fixed pet habitat which is very roomy compared to other pet transport services and has the perfect amount of ventilation.  Our pet transport vehicles are limited to 8 individual pens only to ensure guests receive the room and quality care they deserve.

We provide every dog or cat guest with their very own comfort mat and vet-approved pet bed.  Hygiene is exemplary because we provide the exact same services at our dog and cat boarding kennel, near Melbourne Victoria.

Our Pet Transport Trips

When we go on long trips, we always take two driver attendants and stop overnight so our guests have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable journey. Our overnight stops ensure your pet eats great food prepared by our experienced driver attendants, get plenty of exercise which is key to pet health and comfort on a long journey and that your pet gets rest.

We stop every 4 hours for walks and puppy feeding and to ensure all of our guests are going great.