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Pet Food Menu

Premium Pet Food

We carry a large range of premium pet foods and yummy treats. Where possible, will try to maintain your dog's or cat's current diet so their holiday home will feel just like being at home.  If we do not carry the food your pet is eating, you are welcome to supply their diet and we will ensure they are fed as per your instructions, or we can place them on a product as close as possible to their current diet.

Dogs - The House Meal

Our house meal for dogs is a nutritious fully holistic chicken and rice loaf, that has vegetables and is mixed with scrumptious biscuits. The house meal provides a perfect nutritious blend to keep your dog happy, and full with a mix of meat, rice and vegetables.

Want Something Else On the Menu for Your Dog?

If you want something else, or if your dog prefers a wet diet, we also keep other pet foods stocked.  Our dog food menu includes the following tinned foods:

  1. My Dog; and

  2. Natures Gift.

We do NOT charge any extra for making specialised diets provided by our customers.

Pet Food Shop

We also have a pet food shop where you can get all of our premium dog food and cat foods for a great price.  As we feed our guests so much, we are able to get quality premium pet foods at a greatly reduced price from the normal retail price and we pass these savings on to you.

Dry Dog Food 

  • Taste Of The Wild  - a super premium Grain Free dry biscuit

  • Prairie Formula

  • Pacific Stream Formula

We highly recommend these products.  We feed these dog foods to own highly awarded show dogs.


Royal Canine

  • Sensible Formula

Black Hawk

  • Chicken and Rice

  • Lamb and Rice

  • Salmon Formula



  • Turkey Formula

Pro Plan

  • Lifestage Formula

  • Sensitive Formula


  • Grain-Free chicken and rice.

All our dog and cat diets are individually made and recorded in our state of the art dedicated pet kitchen.  Your pet's health and wellbeing are of paramount importance to us and we take your pet's diet seriously.  Just call us to discuss your dog's or cat's dietary requirements and issues.

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